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18 December 2017
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1 January 2018

Our clients choose us because of our style. That`s why it`s so important to have a style. I never had a problem with defining my photography: to me, it is classic, timeless and with clear focus on my model, his/her emotions and on telling a story.

That means you will never see me with too many props in an image, and certainly not in a newborn photo session. The protagonist is always the newborn, there is nothing more beautiful than the baby itself, no need to introduce any unnecessary clutter.

Yet, once in a while, a client comes with his/her own props, I use them if the client wishes so, I just do not display them on my website or social media. I listen to my client always.

But I believe in consistency, I want to be recognisable by my possible clients. I want people to travel to see ME for MY particular type of photography, that I am known for. Irrespective of whether that serves the client or my own ego.

Having said that, I am all ears for the clients. I try to produce a varied gallery with a choice of colours and poses. The decision makers (parents) may not exactly have the same taste when it comes to photography. You may get Mom who loves soft rose images and Dad who prefers high contract black and white images. I am shooting for both of them, and not for myself. I am the medium that channels their wishes and their vision because I have the skills to make them a reality. This is my time to ask them questions. What is their house like? What are their favourite images that I have taken? Why have they chosen me over competitors? What will they wear for the session? If I am not sure, I will ask. I am creating their memories, not mine.

I will use beautiful clothes and props for senior shoots: I love dresses and head bands, and neck pieces, shoulder pieces, flowers, feathers, tulle, you name it!

The key for me is to have my portfolio varied: I can produce low key, warm and brown tones, as well as rich and opulent, as well as bright, whimsical and fairy images.

I am not closing myself in a particular type of shots. If I did, I would consciously limit my access to 100% of the market. Adopting different shooting styles works for me as I want to give my client the chance to choose mood, colours and styles of the images I will produce for them. That involves a lot pushing myself out of my comfort zones to try out new things, but that also insures my continuous growth – and the fun I have at the process is pretty hard to beat!

I attach a variety of my images, babies, children, grown ups, boys, girls and adults. In studio and outside  – have a look and judge for yourself whether my photography has a style!


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