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16 November 2017
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21 November 2017

So, a very short blog to share my joy with you.

Some time ago I have ventured into a goal: to become and accredited portrait master. Getting awards is fine but I wanted to focus on getting my work to a high professional standard not only to make myself a better photographer and reach accreditation level but for the personal satisfaction of knowing I am operating at an international professional standard.

This year I presented 8 images in the 2017 Portrait Masters Competition. By participating in the Portrait Award on continuous basis, I get points, that will add up to the final score and judgement.

My work was judged by five masters independently of each other and anonymously. The panel of judges included my mentor Sue Bryce and some of other most renown international photographers such as Kelly Brown, Richard Wood, Pippin Schembri, Susan Stripling, Ray Schembri, Alycia Savage, Michele Celentano.

Out of the 8 images that I submitted, 7 were awarded bronze medal and one a silver one.

Bronze medal means High Professional Standard Level.

Silver medal means Outstanding Technique and Visual Communication – which I received for the image above.

There were 4000 participants and the level extremely hight. Have a look yourself here: suebryceeducation.com/award-galleries.

The judging and accreditation is serious process where a number of points about the image are taken into consideration such as:

Technical strength.

Focus. Exposure. Composition. Lightning. Quality of retouching. Pose. Expression and Connection. Styling. Choice of filter and color. Overall look.


It is emotional. Narrative. Beautiful. Overall Communication. How does the image make you feel. What is the story and why.

The image I am placing here was in the TOP 20 of Children’s Portrait, as nr 12.

I could submit more images and try to get more points more quickly. I need 25 to get accreditation. But submission of each image is costly, so I decided I’d rather focus on getting heigher points in other categories, not only in Children Portraiture. Each bronze award scores 0.5 points and each silver award scores 1 point. I scored 4.5 points on this first submission, and I am  proud. My intention is to work more and harder. Wish me luck.

And come for a portrait session!

Below other 7 images with a bronze award.

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