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22 September 2017
Fotografiar a adolescentes
30 September 2017

Each time a family contracts me for a family photo session I feel utterly grateful. It is true I provide an excellent service and I charge for the service accordingly.

But something else is provoking this feeling of gratefulness. It is the trust the parents put in me.

A happy and united family is the greatest value of all. Children are such delicate creatures. They must feel apprehension when they show up for the photo session and an unknown person is telling them  to smile to the camera (mind you, I never say that :-)).

An average full service family photo session with me with a change of attire is around 2 hours, it depends on the number of children. I try to be as quick as possible for the children not to get tired, but I also attach a lot of significance to developing a dialogue with them, so that nothing that I do,  feels strange to them. I want them to treat me as an ally, somebody they spend an amusing moment of their life with.

If they are open to me during the session, they will listen to me and cooperate – that’s all I want. I do not pose children in my photo sessions, but I do like to instruct them on what to do. That way, instructed correctly, their posing will be so much more natural and will reflect their own personalities.

If my little clients kiss me goodbye at the end of the session, that’s very rewarding. I need to know they had a good time during the session, and they always do. Because having precious memories printed is extremely important (that’s all you’ll have when your children grow up), but remembering how your felt during the session is equally important.

So let me take you for a beautiful journey in search of your family memories – contact with me to have more information.

In the meantime – enjoy images of this amazing Family of 6 that put their trust in me.

IMG_1984-Edit IMG_1966-Edit IMG_1964-Edit IMG_1957-Edit IMG_1963-Edit IMG_1990-Edit IMG_1865-Edit

IMG_1924-Edit IMG_2037-Edit IMG_2002-Edit IMG_2015-Edit IMG_2009-Edit IMG_2074-Edit IMG_2058-Edit IMG_2163-Edit fotografiafamiliar IMG_2167-Edit IMG_2198-Edit IMG_2183-Edit IMG_2180-Edit IMG_2245-Edit

IMG_2229-Edit IMG_2218-Edit IMG_2134-Edit-Edit IMG_2112-Edit IMG_2102-Edit IMG_2091-Edit IMG_2096-Edit

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