18 May 2016
album de fotos para niñas
Pasión para fotografía infantil
7 September 2016



For some time I shied away from urban landscapes as my environment for shooting portraits of people. The reason is I thought a city would offer an unattractive background for family photography and especially children photography. I used to organise my photo sessions in parks, fields or beaches almost exclusively.

It cost me to step out of my comfort zone and understand that photo sessions in the city offer never ending possibilities to get unique images.

There is a magical time of day after the sun goes down but before it gets completely black. There is enough light to still see my subjects and the city but the buildings glow with interior light.

The dramatic collision of people and architecture gives the images a unique essence and existence. For, like us, cities are living breathing places that are simultaneously busy, lonely, awake, tired and alive.

Urban portrait photography might seem like a pretty spontaneous thing but many of the most spectacular shots are a result of careful planning. It’s amazing how a location can change depending upon the time of day, as a result of angles of light. Therefore I scout out potential locations at different times of day.

I found an urban shoot is easier to result in images that make an impact.

I invite you to judge for yourself.

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