3 March 2016
book fotografia para bebes
2 April 2016

How many times have you panicked because you have lost images of your loved onces because you have never printed them? I bet it happened to pretty much everyone reading this right now. It happened to me in the past!

In the busy life we leed we always tell ourselves, yeah, I will print my pictures when I have a moment.. The moment never comes because we are too busy. Then we lose our phone, our iPad, our memory card, and we loose our images forever, and we cry, because there, on those phones, iPads, memory cards, we had the images of our baby’s first smile, first steps, first everything!

Who remembers these floppy discs?


Media change all the time, a USB drive will not be here in a couple of years! I have stopped using a CD many years ago!

I cannot stress enough the importance of getting your pictures printed. I always do.

For this reason (and many more), I only offer a fully professional service – my work always comes printed. Whether it’s simple prints, or a beautiful luxury album – my clients walk aways ALWAYS with a printed product, that will stay with them forever. It comes quality guaranteed from the best professional laboratory I have searched high and low to offer absolutely the best.

I invite you to scroll through the images below and if you wish to invest in beautiful images of your family that will stand the test of time and that you will cherish for years to come, HIRE ME!

And if you don’t, then at least print your images. For, as Herbert Spencer once said, ‘The great aim of education is not knowledge but action´.


IMG_3271 IMG_3276 IMG_3268 IMG_3277 IMG_3279



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