foto de un varon en traje de primera comunión en reportaje fotográfico en exteriores
Reportaje comunión de niños
25 May 2017
Sesiones fotográficas de verano
1 June 2017

The photography of the Holy Communion of your child is your only opportunity to look back at that moment and tell the history of your Family.

There is an infinite number of decisions that parents need to consider before the important day of the First Communion. The ceremony, the reception, flowers, invitaciones, and of course, the dress of suit.

But the most important decision that you have to take, is the choice of your photographer for the event of the First Communion.

I believe you have a story to tell with the Holy Communion. The pictures should capture you and your loved ones, your love and care, with photographs that are at the same time modern and that will stand the test of time. You have to be capable, looking at the pictures years after, not only what you did the day of the First Communion of your child, but also, what your felt.

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