Sesiones fotográficas de verano
1 June 2017
Sesiones fotográficas infantiles
1 July 2017

Summer photo sessions are one of my favourite. I love the softness one can create with images with children wearing gentle soft fabric dresses, shirts and skirts flowing around as they twirl..

Bare feet on the grass, sunset behind their back, kids rollin on grass in full appreciation of nature and all the goodness it can bring.. What is more beautiful and soft in children photography than a tiny finger touching a bug or a butterfly just found sitting on a leaf of grass?

Images of your children on print have more to do with portraiture, they are about telling a story of your child growing and discovering the world. They are about capturing perfect memories of childhood.

Make sure you have those memories printed. Whether in a professionally printed photo album from a great lab, or prints that you put sin frames yourself, do your kid a favour and print them. They will appreciate it 30 years from now. And they will be moved.

And, enjoy your summer!

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