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Pasión para fotografía infantil
7 September 2016
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Fotografiar embarazo en exteriores
5 November 2016

As a newborn photographer, I am bound to photograph in a studio, albeit on warm days I do try to convince parents to shoot outside, newborn photography outside takes the whole artistic process to the next level!

As a children photographer, until recently, I preferred only outside locations for a number of reasons:

  • I feel children are more natural and spontaneous if they are in an outside photo session,
  • I fell children have a great fun being outside, because they just play as usual while I take pictures with my camera chasing them around, and occasionally asking them to pose for me in a particular place and pose,
  • it can be stressful for a child to hear: ´we are going to a studio for a photo session´, as opposed to ´we are going to the park to play and sometimes we will take pictures of you to commemorate what a great fun it is to play!´.

But long term, we are all getting bored with little variety, even if we vary shooting locations. Every respected professional photographer craves for studio sessions every now and then. Since I discovered and learnt studio portraiture, I am a new fan of those portraits.

They are clean. They are poignant. The carry an emotional load much quicker than portraits on location. That’s because there is just the subject and the backdrop. Nothing else. No way to escape. No distractions. Just my model’s eyes and soul. There is nothing else there. We do not need anything else. We are interested in the subject, not in the decorations, do we?

If I could, I would photograph all my subject naked. But obviously I cannot. So I suggest keeping attire to minimum, a tee-shirt or a tank top. Neutral colours. If you want a pop of colour, you can go brighter, but it defeats the purpose of of focusing on the face.

Being that there are no clothing distractions, it makes it more important that your posing and lightning are perfect. You have nothing to fall back on.

Posing has to be simple, remember, less is more. No chopping hands at any articulation. Hands lend to the mood of the image. Place them gracefully when you can. No back of hands flat to the camera, no spread fingers.

Lightning is the key in photography. The light does many things. It literally lights your model so you can see, however, it also provides mood. Depending on how you use it, it provides a part of the story.

It is important to think how you light your subjects outside. What is your story? Do you prefer low and soft light? So, when I move inside, it is as simple as saying to myself,  how do I tell the story with artificial light the same way I do with natural light. I prefer my subjects to fade away into background which is one of the reasons I use only one light. I prefer my light low and soft , therefore I use a huge soft box to mimic that. Your light is your sun. Once you think of it in those terms, it becomes so much easier to create these portraits.

Have a look and if you like what you see – come to visit me!

retrato en el estudio

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