Fotografía infantil diferente
9 July 2017
kids photography
La fotografia de varones
13 July 2017

I left out in the morning for a photo shoot with an idea in my mind – I had to shoot WHITE. I had an idea in my mind. I grabbed two white silk skirts, courtesy of @woynowska, two white jerseys, a white authentic Venice mask and two girls. I had to shoot an image for the prestigious @Child Photo Competition June contest themed WHITE.

Summer overcast beach day seemed the perfect background for the moody image I imagined in my head. To my amazement, the beach was empty and full of fog as I discovered! There is not much that will stop Polish people from walking and certainly not a drizzle, but this day was as if everybody just died!

In what turned out to be the shortest photo session in my entire career, perhaps except for when I shoot my son, he gives me around half a second, I shot all my images perfect straight our of camera! The vision I had in my mind before the photo session called for white, blurred, foggy and delicate images that I hoped to achieve in post-production.

As it turns out, there was little or none post production necessary, and it basically involved eye sharpening. That’s all! Also, I shot with my new 70-200 2.8 USM @Canon Lens which is a pure marvel! Sharp and incredibly quick, this lens basically never leaves my camera when I shoot outside.

Sometimes people think good photography is about post-production.

Not really. If you have a good picture SOOC, you can enhance it and take it to another level using Photoshop or Lightroom. But if you don’t, there is nothing Photoshop will be able to do with it. Just like you cannot cook a good meal with rotten produce, or use a deodorant on unshowered body.

So, the biggest advice I once got from a very known photographer, is, work on perfect images SOOC, before you even begin to think about editing them.

Believe me, it’s worth it.

Have a look at the cover image which got to TOP 15 finalists of the @Child Photo Competition June contest themed WHITE, and some other images I took during the same session.




IMG_7429-Edit-Edit IMG_7406-Edit-Edit IMG_7331-Edit-Edit aotografiadeninios IMG_7664-Edit

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