‘To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called you`- Tom Peters.

Show your brand’s story with images that are clean and dynamic, that help attract, entice, and speak to your audience.

What type of business do you need your headshots for? Executive, business casual or brand specific? What’s the style that best suits you, your brand or your type of business? What visual platform are you using the most to attract clients?

The corporate headshot has evolved. Today, it is very contemporary, highly styled, and it needs to immediately ser your apart from your competitors. This type of ´Personal Branding´ is perfect for Lawyers, Doctors, Real Estate Agents, Business Executives, Authors, Creatives, Bloggers, Artists, Designers, Musicians, really for anybody who is in business.

To create a custom look for your portraits we need to answer a few questions.

Once you choose your favourite portraits, I will format them for your to use on all your social media pages. Square crops for all of your profile images on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Extended backgrounds on your images for your Facebook or your website banners giving you plenty of room to add your logo or text.

This service adapts 100% to your necessities. I work with you to create your portraits that match your brand or type of business and show your brand’s personality.