Vestido rojo
10 November 2017
Palabra sobre acreditación
16 November 2017

This photograph is so representative of a beautiful transition I am about to embark on, where quiet shedding of the past becomes paramount for growth.

This image, that I took only two weeks ago,  belongs to the past and is en epitome of my positive disintegration. Disintegration that was painful, exhausting, physically wrenching and more, and is still an on-going process.

Those of you who know me realise that I have had a very difficult year. By far the most difficult year in my life. There were times where I wanted to hide, times where I did not get up, times where I did not see a way out.

This is all self-centred, yes, but I am sure some of you have gone through some kind of crisis in your lives. And by committing to our own growth we inspire others and that is how we lift each other, enlarge horizons, bring forth our creativity and a sense of kinship with all people.

I am awaking to a new reality that I am building for myself. I started a new thread to my business. The ways I have grown this year are numerous: I have a photography mentor, I have learnt a lot, I have a photography project I am obsessed with. I am shooting women and giving them contemporary magazine style portraiture, that is absolutely transformational, let me show you very soon!

And most importantly, I am at peace with myself. Still a long way to go, to turn those peace moments into uninterrupted state of inner peace, but let me tell you, I know I can do that. And if I can, so can you.

What is positive about disintegration? Disintegration means breakdown, collapse, ruin, but it also means dismantling as a prelude to construction and subsequent creation at a higher level. Once one realises that others have lived through similar experiences, that one cannot make another person responsible for one`s happiness, we are out of the disintegration and inner growth begins – a process of emotional development within the broader context of personality development.

On that positive note I wish you a very happy weekend! Stay strong and take care of yourself!




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