Fotografía infantil en Madrid
5 August 2017
11 August 2017

One evening I hanged out with my friends and suddenly I have seen a boy with the bluest eyes I have ever seen! As a child photographer, I had to photograph these eyes!

Mom wanted to offer a portrait session for her boy and so we agreed for a photo shoot the next day at sunset.

I am a Madrid photographer but I spend my summer every year on the Baltic coast in Poland – it’s my annual pilgrimage to ancestral home: mother Earth.

When you look at the surroundings  where I produced the portraits of this young man, you will understand the feeling of existential security that the place offers, it’s the ultimate cosiness of the world..

It’s a place where you regain psychic balance, an asylum where conflicts and mutual reluctance are suspended as if by magic. Different rules apply because you are in a different world, where both senses and the forces of nature are sharpened and you might just as well feel you are in Narnia…

When I was photographing this wonderful boy, he actually got swept by his imagination, looking for a cave of trolls in a hill I asked him to lie on, spotting a faun amongst trees and taking to Prince Caspian..

It’s so much fun to be a child photographer. Children makes us aware of what is really important in life. Here and now. And a little imagination. And beauty.

I hope you love the session and my blue eyed junior model.

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