Taller de fotografía.
13 February 2018
Sesiones fotográficas en casa
21 February 2018

Last weekend I had the honor and pleasure to host a photography workshop with Magdalena Sienicka Photographer.

It has been a long time I admired her amazing work. Some photographers have just one unique style. What I have always loved about Magdalena’s work is that it can be immensely different: images sometimes are light and ephemeral and sometimes deep dark and gloomy. Her art is varied but united by a common denomination: her work is emotional. Her portraits are a pure magical reflection of the soul of the person she photographs. Her images are pure art that every family should have hanging on the biggest wall in their homes. Why? Because they are Love. She photographs children in a way every mother would like to have her children photographed. She never uses slightest make up on children, nor her props are fancy. She creates gowns for her photo session herself, out of material found in boot sales or ebay, or second hand shops. She desires to capture the most intimate self of the person she photographs and does achieve so by a very gentle and subtle communication of her posing needs to the models. She guides them gently into posing rather than posing herself in order to achieve a natural effect.

I learnt that I do not have to buy expensive dresses ( I am sort of addicted to my choice of children’s outfits I buy from Tutudumonde ) to achieve a pretty amazing portrait.

I learnt a new light set up that I absolutely adore and will use in my portrait photo sessions.

I learnt how to edit white pictures to achieve an ephemeral look that I absolutely adore especially for photography of the Holy Communion.

Have a look at the behind scenes from the workshop and some amazing images I took thanks to tips I learnt from Magda.

And come for a session with me! Let me know how you would like to be photographed. Come for a consultation and we will talk in more details about your dream photo session, about your estilización and outfits and make up and hair.

Have a beautiful week!

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