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27 January 2016
2 April 2016

Long awaited, finally came, my workshop with one of the child photographers I most admire – Elena Shumilova!

After juggling all the possible workshop locations (Elena is booked for 2016 all over the world), I finally decided that I must do the workshop in Poland.

For a couple of reasons. I am Polish myself. Elena is Russian. It seemed most appropriate for us both to meet at a place closest to where our souls and hearts are..

And, I knew the venue, #Zlodziejewo, where art happens on daily basis, I knew I would not be disappointed and the organisation would be perfect.

After all, while you meet an artist of that grandeur, you want to make sure you are totally immersed in the experience of meeting the artist and her art, without worrying about petty organisational details..

Her art is undisputed.

What I awaited was not only learn art from her but be inspired. I was not disappointed. Her personality is of the most amazing quality. Simple, poignant, calm, confident, generous, inspiring and when you think you got inspired, she will inspire you more!

We spent a total of one evening and two days of work, where one day was dedicated to photo sessions and the other one to post processing.

Elena was an open book. She shared with us all and every detail that she judges important in the process of preparing for the shoot, the actual shoot and post processing.

She explained in details the settings of the camera for particular shots, the lens she uses, the importance of composition and how you can change that in post-processing, what’s important to shoot in a session in case you need to make a composite after.

The sessions were outside, with a total of 5 children, a horse and a dog.

Before the session we participated in the selection that Elena made clothes-wise for the children. After the session, Elena commented on 5 images taken and selected by each member of the workshop.

The post production included an exhaustive step by step editing of several images of Elena, as well as editing of the images taken by her the day before.

All I can say, I strongly recommend the workshop with Elena, go and grab your spot if you can!

It totally changed the way I look at each and every image I take, and the way I look through my lenses. I realised that emotions can be called into life within the lenses, and vice-versa, what’s beautiful in reality, may not necessarily come out beautiful in the lenses. I believe I started not only to see as a photographer, but to think as a photographer as well. I always ask myself a question now what made an image so great and how it was achieved..

IMG_9511-Edit IMG_9562-Edit-Edit IMG_8970-Edit-Edit-Edit IMG_8981-Edit-2

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