foto mujer embarazada verano
Fotografiar embarazo en exteriores
5 November 2016
5 January 2017

I love to be able to shoot outside. I know studio provides for clean and classical images but there is   a whole different world of possibilities if you are shooting outdoor! I love to change locations and I love to benefit from all nature has to offer. I love autumn – it is as if nature had been saving the whole year to display its full blossom at this time of year.

This beautiful Mom totally rocked the show. She made it so easy for me! Add a beautiful dress, a couple of rays of sun over falling leaves and the job almost does itself without too much intervention of mine! Oh yes, I did hold the camera :-).

One of the best parts of my job in Madrid is that I can shoot outside year round. With the weather being mild most of the time, it is rarely a challenge. I love to play with sun and include the many light leaks that go along with it.

I love making pregnant women feel amazing – it is such a short time – often regretted when not captured.

I provide the dresses for this beautiful moment when you expect the baby. It is best to take  maternity pictures at 6-7 months.

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