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2 April 2016
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10 April 2016

I love simplicity. I am a strong believer that beauty is to be found anywhere and everywhere. It is not about what you see buy how you see it. You do not need to be in a beautiful place to shoot a beautiful image. You do not need to have the perfect weather. You do not need to have a perfect model.

You have to PERCEIVE a beauty in a place.

You have to FIND attractiveness in any kind of weather.

You have to SPOT this something special that EVERY person has in him/her.

It’s that simple.

In fact, even simpler.

Do not look for excuses. Grab your camera. Go out. Look around. Observe.

And photograph just about anything that catches your attention. Whatever. It could be a colour, a texture, a detail, an expression, light.. anything. Then come home and look at the result. I bet you will be amazed at some of the images you have captured! Have you been moved by some of them? Have you wondered, Gee, how is it possible I have not stopped in front of that flower, person, door, window, etc etc before? It is so beautiful!

Try. And thank me later :-).

I took the pictures of this old embarkment while my kids had their Padi exam on vacation in La Gomera.
Those rusty beautiful installations had been instrumental in sending bananas from the Canary Islands to London. This place gave birth to naming the new financial centre in London Canary Wharf, where I worked for 4 years.. Isn’t if amazing sometimes how life itself makes loops.

IMG_2017-Edit IMG_2982-Edit IMG_3003-Edit IMG_3000-Edit IMG_2569-Edit IMG_2591-Edit

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