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17 July 2017
20 July 2017

Today died a Polish poet Julia Hartwig, aged 95. I am a Madrid photographer but I am Polish.

She wrote poetry uncomplicated formally, much alike another Polish Poetess and Nobel Prize winner Wislawa Szymborska. Her poems are more like essays put in form of verse. She was an erudite and astute observer of life, tasting life’s little pleasures in most sensual manner.

I do not read poetry very often. I am naturally impatient and poetry requires to be still for a moment.

But this year has been eventful and it has resulted in me slowing down to look at things and people I have not looked before, taking time to appreciate them and perhaps discovering a new world of senses altogether.

I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason.

Julia Hartwig wrote, among others, about people she knew, always wondering if she managed to display the best of them, the most tender and most valuable details of their life, the most beautiful traits of their characters.

As a photographer, I try to do exactly the same: I photograph people always attempting to get the best side of them, to make sure they look more beautiful than they think they are. Even as a child photographer. It’s my job!

That’s the reason I style my photo sessions and I invest in expensive dresses for my clients.

But, how does it translate to everyday life? Do we appreciate people enough? Do we appreciate life enough? Are we sensual about life? Are we creating life in which we want to live? Are we sensual about life enough to benefit from all the beauty it has to offer on daily basis?

I love to collect the treasures of the world happening around me, the treasures of people and creatures and things. I have to look mindfully for the right moment to give those treasures away. I collect them to set them free when the right moment comes to photograph them.

Do you?

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