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1 January 2018
Una buena fotografía femenina
9 January 2018

When I became a portrait photographer I realised that the one gift that I could give particularly to women.

I know that photographing families is a legacy, and I know that I am making images that my children`s children will own.

And that is powerful. But I realised as a woman, there is more to it.

When I photograph an 18 year old girl, and I photograph her again when she is 25, and then I see her first baby, I see her become a bride. And then she is 28, I see her career take off and then I see she is 30, I see her face changing and her body is changing. And I meet her when she is 34, and her children are growing. Now she is mature and she is finding herself. And then she is 38. And her beauty is becoming more apparent to me. She is a 40 year old woman and she is powerful. And I realise that if I had the opportunity to meet her every year or every two years, I would have been able to show her beauty every two years of her life as she grew, and changed, and matured.

But the most incredible part of it was I would have been able to show her. And she would have watched her body change, she would have seen that 10 kg go, and she would be ok with it, because she would have known that she was still valuable and beautiful and perfect, she was just at this stage of her life. And then as I watch her go into her 50-ties and loose her Mom, and her children go to University, I could have shown her the journey of  her life.

That is the power of what I do, that is what you need to celebrate.

Why aren’t women of 50, 60 or 70 featured enough on social networks? Why aren’t they present in marketing campaigns? . Is it because middle age women do not feel beautiful? I do not think so. I am closer to 50 than to 40 and I feel attractive.

Actually, I am looking for a photographer to photograph me, the full style, make up and hair done, and amazing wardrobe.

I do not feel I would like to save money for a Birkin bag. I do not feel it would add up to my happiness or my status. However, I would love to have amazing photos of myself with my children.

This is where my values are. What about you?

I invite you to have a look at a sneak peak of a recent +50 photo session. Hair and make up: @saramorgadomakeup.

IMG_5553-Edit IMG_5550-Edit contemporary portrait IMG_5476-Edit IMG_5489-Edit IMG_5530-Edit IMG_5506-Edit IMG_5443 IMG_5445 IMG_5457 IMG_5463 IMG_5458

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