3 March 2016

There is a difference between photography and counting visual stories. One can easily take a picture but not all pictures tell amazing stories.

Surely you are familiar with the phrase: `one image is worth a thousand words´. As a photographer, I am convinced that this is true when we look to take images that really tell a story.

We often take pictures as a part of portfolio but it is equally important to take pictures that can exist on their own – the ones that invite you in and make you feel part of a particular story. The camera is there not only to capture a moment in time but also for something grander.

I love to use natural  light to capture a story. Using light in creative manner allows to give a new life to otherwise unattractive scene.

The world of photography unblocks senses and allows to see things and details that before appeared to have no importance.
I always look to translate my visions in stories told on paper.

Vision based editing. A key notion. It means I need to know beforehand what I want to see in an edited image, and starting from there, I begin to edit it. It’s very important to know where one wants to arrive in an edited image. If we do not know it, we lose a lot of time walking around in a tunnel with not exit.

I attach an image ´before´and after`.

I wish you loads of new ideas in your editing work!

IMG_4761-Edit-Edit IMG_2589-Edit IMG_8013-Edit-Edit IMG_7908-Edit-Edit-Edit IMG_7105-Edit-Edit IMG_7277-Edit-Edit IMG_2096-Edit-Edit img_5150-edit-edit-edit



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