After a career in the world of energy trading in Paris, Geneva and London, I took time to raise my two children. I speak seven languages.

I decided to study photography and discovered my passion. I studied and learnt from the biggest authorities in the world of photography in the United States, Australia, UK.

My style is classic and timeless. The protagonist is always the model.

I tend for my images to tell a story. There is a difference between taking a photograph and telling a visual story. One can easily take a picture but not all images tell an emotional story. An image is worth a thousand words..

Why should you pick me as your photographer:

I am an artist. I create and interpret reality the way I see it. I try to freeze a unique and never-to-happen again moment and explore it and bring it to life. My images are emotional and moment-driven, irrespective of circumstances.

You have to trust me. You have to trust my energy, my engagement and my professionalism. Being prepared, having a point of view and a connection with you.

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS UN-PHOTOGENIC PERSON. My job is to make beautiful photographs of you. This is what I do. Would you like to own the experience of an amazing photo session designed just for you / your loved ones? Come for a free consultation. I will show you WHAT I CAN DO FOR YOU.