Una buena fotografía femenina
9 January 2018
Inspiración para fotografo profesional
13 January 2018

Studio portrait is a challenge – you have to connect with the person that you are photographing, often a girl or a boy. If you don´t, then you cannot really create a truthful portrait of a person that is in front of your camera. In studio, there are no distractions. Only you and your model. And your ability to make something out of this ´nothingness´.

In reality, a studio portrait session is an exam of your capacity as a photographer. The quality of your portrait depends on numerous conditions that are closely connected with one another, such as: illumination, posing (you can’t say ´do what you want´), styling, edition , emotional intelligence and self-esteem.

My images are emotional because I do transmit truthful and real emotions of authentic persons. My art is not for everyone. If you want to achieve a smile in your kid at any cost, well, maybe you will not achieve it if the real nature of your child goes beyond the smile.

To me, it’s great honor and pleasure. The fact that someone gives me all trust to follow my instructions, and basically just follow me unconditionally to almost become one, my model and myself, thus achieving the mutual trust and comprehension and unity so necessary for me to look into the soul of the person I am photographing. Apart from offering a professional satisfaction , it rewards me with a human feeling of pleasure of being able to look into the soul of the person in front of my camera.


Thanks you very much everyone that so far put trust in me and my art.

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