17 July 2017
24 July 2017

I hope everyone has his/her special place on earth. The place that smells of see weeds, seashells, wooden sticks that are smooth as velvet because they had been rolled over by sea waves for centuries, the place where warm wind caresses your cheeks and you think it’s someone…

My special place is where I spend summer, in Poland, on the Baltic coast. I think if I ever stop coming here, a part of me will vanish irrevocably. Baltic coast is not Mediterranean. It’s not always warm. But coming here is like leaving the real world behind – and the best part you do not want to leave it. This is a place where white soft sand beach stretches for miles on end, where you can have your morning sea bath with no clothes because there is literally nobody, no hotels, no restaurants, no true road.

This is a place where not a single day passes by without a sea bath irrespective of the temperature, and if it’s 0deg in December, I will still have it. I have not found a better remedy for an ailing soul or simply as a way to boost my energy levels. And not a better sunset, lying down on the textured sand, the sand rolling under my fingers and making me feel rooted in the Mother Earth.

This is a place which gives perspective. And respect. For nature, for years gone by, for friendships, for possibilities we are given, and necessity to grab them and turn them into opportunities.

Most of the images I attach today are iPhone images, and will give you a glimpse of this heaven on earth of mine. I love this place to take pictures of my children – perfect surroundings for children portraits or candid child photography. Today’s are candid photos.

I bring my kids here every summer, just like my parents brought me here as well. This way I am multiplying my childhood memories, and if my children bring here their children, the family  memories will never get lost…

IMG_8972 IMG_8983 IMG_8921 IMG_8838 IMG_2927 IMG_2732 IMG_2743 IMG_2729 IMG_2728 IMG_2456 IMG_2477 IMG_3013 IMG_3014 IMG_3002 IMG_3003 IMG_2998 IMG_3016 IMG_3017 IMG_2981 IMG_2986 IMG_2989

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