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4 October 2017
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7 October 2017

Most of my clients are girls – the photos I show primarily are of girls!  People sometimes ask, “What about guys? Girls are easy to pose… coming up with male poses is much harder!”

There is  broad range of poses available to guys. Concepts for shooting a girl or a boy are the same: find unique perspectives, shoot from multiple angles within the same pose, and never forget to take some “safe” simple shots (like a headshot).  A boring pose can be interesting if you have an amazing light and an interesting expression, like these ones below:!


IMG_2414-Edit IMG_2303-Edit IMG_2359-Edit

When posing guys, you don’t need to focus as much on finding flattering angles like girls.   In this way, your job can be a lot easier!

Whatever you want to accentuate, should be closest to the camera – usually for guys that’s the chest or shoulders. Don’t be afraid to take off their shirts!:


IMG_2406-Edit sesiones de fotos infantiles

Don’t be afraid to have your guy slouch! This is one thing that in most cases girls cannot pull off, but guys can.



They can also have their chin raised or have it down with their eyes narrowed and looking into the camera.  (It usually isn’t flattering to have girls chins raised while looking into the camera) . Don’t be afraid to bring hands to face close if they are little:


boy posing

As with girls – make sure hands and shoulders look relaxed.   Usually guys can’t pull off having their hands on their hip like a girl can – a simple remedy is to put one or both hands in their pocket(s) or cross hands in front.


IMG_1951-Edit IMG_1957-Edit IMG_2218-Edit

Don’t be afraid to have fun! Messy hair and funny faces will make you remember they had fun during the session and are priceless memory of their childhood!!


IMG_6206-Edit-Edit IMG_6220-Edit IMG_6218-Edit

You want to show them exactly what to do – they generally need more direction than girls.

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