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La fotografia de varones
13 July 2017
Fotógrafa de niños
17 July 2017

For one reason or another, it is true that I photograph more often girls than boys. It’s the demand. Perhaps because I have an amazing collection of dresses for girls for photo sessions, that all girls love. Perhaps because mothers believe it’s more important for girls to have their portraits done than for boys. Perhaps because little girls ask more to be photographed than little boys.

I do not have the answer. But if you ask me how I photograph boys, I will respond – the same way as I photograph girls.

I interact with boys exactly the same way I interact with girls. I will carefully choose their wardrobe, just like I carefully choose the wardrobe for the photo session with a girl. Instead perhaps of giving him a flower, like I would with a girl, I would give him a car, a stick, a coca-cola bottle, whatever comes to my mind!

I try to keep my photo session with a boy short to the minimum. Models are not interested in a photo session unless you are interesting enough to have fun in the process! So go out and rent some little cars, offer an ice-cream (part of the game called photo shoot :)), put kids in water and invite them to have fun, be creative! They will be thrilled!

Children are wonderful creatures, it’s up to you to make them interested in the photo session and get what you want! As far as I am concerned, the dirtier they are, the more authentic the images are! You want them captured in their world called CHILDHOOD. You want them real, not posed, the real expressions, the real kisses, the real wonder, the real them! Believe me, those images are going to be cherished by parents and them alike for generations!




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