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Bebé recién nacido
24 August 2017
fotografia recien nacido
Buena fotografia es cara
28 August 2017

When parents call me to reserve a newborn photo session, I take it for granted that it’s because they like my style. After all, there are many other newborn photographers on the market, especially in a large city like Madrid.

And quite fortunately, because the birth of your child is a truly your unique opportunity! The one and only! Your baby will never be the same again,she will never have those fingers and toes, this unique way of squishing her tiny body as if she were still in the mom`s belly. For me, a newborn baby is truly newborn in the first 10 days of life.

As you can see, my style is classic and timeless.

I do not like unnecessary clutter in images, I concentrate on the baby. I do not use much props, except when parents specifically ask for them. Simplicity has always been my thing – less is more.

Sometimes parents like special edits, like the one you see below with baby butterfly. I produce them in Photoshop, but not very often because they are time consuming.

In case of this newborn photo session, parents asked for 4 different themes/colors, that would represent 4 seasons of the year.

My job was to present a homogenous gallery, always respecting parents` requirement.

I am very happy with the result of the photo session. It was difficult to choose the best images because the newborn baby Lea was very calm, she did not cry the whole time of the session, she even sang to me :-). She looked attentively eyes wide open a part of the session, those images are some of my favourite.

I hope you will like images of the beautiful newborn baby Léa!

And if you wish to book a newborn photo session, contact me at or call me at 617 321 560.


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IMG_0978-Edit sesiones recién nacido madrid fotografia del recien nacido

recien nacido butterly overlay from sasha black and white newborn

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