Sesión de recién nacido
23 October 2017
Vestido rojo
10 November 2017

Every newborn photographer prefers his/her tiny models fast asleep. That makes the newborn photo session so much easier! This week I had the pleasure to photograph the little Dani. He was wide awake almost the whole duration of the session and did not want to lose a minute of it!

Every newborn baby is a world. Some babies do not like to lie on their backs, some to do not like to lie on their bellies, some do not like to be touched and some do not want to sleep!

Dani did not feel secure, after all, he was not even 10 days old! I understood straight away and wrapped this tiny beautiful baby boy in a wrap – this calmed him straight away. A lot of babies need to be wrapped tight – remember this is how they felt in their mummy’s belly, this is what they are used to. When they flail their hands in space, that could be scary for them. I wish I knew that when my first baby was born!

After Dani was wrapped, he cooperated beautifully. Wrapped also meant I could not have posed him in certain positions. But that is all right. I try to pose the babies during the newborn session so that parents have a variety os poses in their gallery, but that is not a prerequisite.

The most important thing for me is to offer images that will evoke emotions.

I think I can call this session a success: Dani was very expressive and I managed to capture some unique moments for the parents. When my clients are happy with the images I produce during the photo session, that means the world to me. That is the biggest reward. I know I will hand in a product that will be cherished forever.

Thank you for your trust Macarena and Dani!IMG_2863-Edit IMG_2841-Edit IMG_2914-Edit-Edit IMG_2906-Edit-Edit IMG_2876-Edit IMG_2958-Edit IMG_2962-Edit IMG_2961-Edit IMG_3033-Edit IMG_3030-Edit-2 IMG_3009-Edit IMG_3054-Edit IMG_3046-Edit IMG_3040-Edit IMG_3064-Edit IMG_3057-Edit IMG_3055-Edit IMG_3089-Edit IMG_3074-Edit IMG_3068-Edit IMG_3075-Edit-Edit

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