Sesiones fotográficas en casa
21 February 2018
Sesión fotográfica para adolescentes.
25 February 2018


In spite of the fact that I am really into a beautiful portrait photography, I also  love to photograph families and children in their natural surrounding – their home. It’s probably easier for them to be in front of the camera, because they are not even supposed to be in front of the camera. In lifestyle photography you are supposed, as a photographer, to try to come unnoticed most of the time, in order to capture family true love and connection, and you achieve that by following them from place to place, and capture that beauty and connection. Well said and done, but what happens if the client’s home happens not to have big bright windows or it does but it’s raining cats and dogs during the whole session so the light is super scarce? No worries! I don’t actually travel to clients home with all me illumination gear (the whole point is to avoid studio and studio posing !) but i do sometimes bring reflectors – and work around windows in that case!

Have a look at this beautiful family of 5 that made the effort the next day after coming back from a skiing thrip! Not easy with 3 children, one of the almost a toddler, and the baby not even 6 months old.

What can I say. They all cooperated beautifully, had so much fun (as you can see from the attached images) and we did have to move an occasional sofa here and there to get more light where we wanted.

The result is a gorgeous family album that this family will cherish for years to come and that is going to be the legacy of the family, and that will be the property of the children of their children.

Exist in photos.

In 20 years, if your children look for photographs of you, what will they find?

I specialise in people who think they are not photogenic.

Book a session and you will find out. If you are not happy, money back.




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