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30 September 2017
sessions fotograficas para ninios
Sesiones fotográficas de varones
4 October 2017

I photographed a beautiful teenage girl one day this week.

I love to photograph teenagers! I have a total connection and full attention with them. It’s a luxury to be listened to carefully (thing you don’t get shooting two-year olds ;)), be in front of somebody who follows your instructions swiftly and exactly, and who welcomes your creativity with a smile and enthusiasm.

I usually do not change a lot my photo session scenery but this time I chose 3 different themes for the same photo session: a victorian style portrait, a 40-ties style portrait and an innocent flower girl portrait.


  1. Victorian style portrait

IMG_2461-Edit IMG_2479-Edit IMG_2477-Edit IMG_2475-Edit IMG_2519-Edit IMG_2506-Edit IMG_2481-Edit

What inspired me to do this is a recent art exhibition in the Museum Thyssen Bornemisha: Reneissance Venice – the triumph of beauty and the destruction of painting. I edited my images so that they resemble a painting rather than a photograph, which I have never done before but I am very happy with how they turned out. The images are exactly as soft and whimsical as I wanted them to be, with a delicate movement, perfectly suitable for a beautiful teenage girl.

My props here are from the Rastro flea market, they are 19-th century real linen and lace, the skirt is my fabulous Anna Triant Couture maternity tulle skirt.


  1. 40-ties style portait


IMG_2574-Edit IMG_2566-Edit IMG_2553-Edit IMG_2552-Edit IMG_2634-Edit

Every your girl wants to feel glamorous once in a while, and especially for such a special occasion like a photo session. I know because I have a 14-year old daughter ;-).

So I thought we would give it a try with a bold black backdrop and Mario Testing black tunnel lightning.

It came out beautifully, and just what I wanted for this teenage girl to feel special.

My props here are: the model’s own black feather skirt, my lace top, my headpiece and my gloves. Real 19th century lace as neck piece.



  1. Flower girl portrait


IMG_2457-Edit IMG_2447-Edit IMG_2590-Edit IMG_2599-Edit-Edit IMG_2586-Edit-Edit

I love flowers for my photo sessions. I don’t use them for newborns, but apart from that, I use them proficiently. Here I went for two looks: a soft and whimsical flower crown neck piece that I did myself before the session, and a rich, saturated autumnal look on a hand painted navy blue backdrop.

Which ones do you like best? I would love to hear your opinion.

And  yes, you can bring your daughter or son for a photo session with me, and believe me, she/he will have a time of her life and you – you will have beautiful images that you will cherish forever.

Trust me. You will thank  me later ;-).

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